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At Greenleaf Projects, the business of building is much more than a commercial endeavour. We are focused on creating physical environments that are in harmony with their surroundings. Simply put, High-energy efficiency ,low maintenance homes of high quality. Natural resources, such as sunlight, are used to cut down on the use of electricity. Windows are located at strategic places to enable sunlight in to save energy.

All our projects have facilities of water harvesting, The homes are designed with care to have excellent space efficiency , natural lighting and ventilation. Eco friendly construction materials such as recycled wood are used where possible. We also use solar energy to conserve electricity and for water heating. Our designs ensure that our buildings conserve energy and reduce power consumption.

We also strive to retain the trees that are already present in our projects Our core strength is the ability to understand and meet customer needs through highly innovative concepts, personalized service, total transparency and of course, buildings of the highest quality.

Adherence to government rules and regulations is also a key differentiator in our projects. Walk in to any of our past projects and you will notice the difference !